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Multimedia Ads, Digital Logos, Social Media Intro Videos, and Logo Branded Merchandise

Products and Samples


Let us help you design the perfect logo. Weather you are a gamer, social media influencer, a random tic toker, or just looking to create your own brand. A custom logo can go a long way to make yourself stand out.


Intro videos for every event. Don't just start your content. Bring it to life with a custom introduction video. Showcase your logo as well as entice your viewers.



 Commercials and Ads

Custom tailored multimedia ads and commercials to show case your company, your product, or just to show off who you are to the world. Music, text animation, effects and high definition video to really bring your ad to life.

Logo Branded Products

Have a logo? Maybe you purchased one of ours? Now you want to share it with your customers. Well we can help you proof, mock up and order hundreds of promotional products. From business cards to tumblers, pens, flash drives and much much more. The Carpe Noctem Show will gladly help you discover the best way to reach your customer.

Introducing our own custom line of products. We at The Carpe Noctem Show support the fight for PTSD awareness and support. To that end we are proud to interduce our WARRIOR WEAR line of products.

10% of sales from our Warrior Wear line will go to fund Homeless care packs for both veterans and civilians alike. Packs contain gloves, socks, a blanket, resuable water bottle, hygiene products and much more. help us make a difference in someone's life.


Telephone: +1 570-280-8691


Location: New Milford, Pennsylvania 

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A small town YouTube content creator turned ad agency. Our goals are simple.

Create Logo's that create a unique brand

Craft stunning ads to promote the client

To support our veteran community


Join Carpe Noctem as he explores fun facts, interesting places, and wholesome fun. When he is not busy creating he is always looking for new things and places to film.


Always looking to get content creators both young and old to elevate themselves. From software and app selection to tips and tricks to get the most out even a simple setup. The Carpe Noctem Show will do what it can to encourage folks to get up and get out.

 Community Support Events

The Carpe Noctem Show believes in giving back. We host a annual toy drive in our local area. And this year we will be hosting our first ever Homeless Care Packs. These packs will contain various items to help both homeless vets and civilians get through the winter ahead. Please visit our Warrior Wear page for more details on how you can help.